Writing advice

in Business and at University

Business Writing Seminars

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur or employee in an institution / organization? Do you intend to write your texts better in everyday work?

Do you or your employees produce a wide variety of texts in the service of specific corporate goals?

In the business writing seminars, we work out your goals together and implement them effectively.

Selection for companies

  • In-house Business Writing Seminar
    The goal: Better writing in everyday professional life
    The way: needs analysis, guidance, practice, feedback
  • Long-term support for individual writing projects on request

Eight reasons that speak for a high-quality, entrepreneurial writing culture

  • Unlike academic texts at university, texts in everyday professional life fulfill much more than a purely communicative function. The reason for that is that writing at work has consequences that exceed a positive evaluation or criticism.
  • Writing is a common cultural technique. But intuition needs form to be convincing. Writing at work therefore requires a sensible, methodical approach.
  • Reader-oriented, easily understandable, argumentatively meaningful texts are part of the company's image and can therefore also be a determinant factor of success.
  • A lack of writing skills can block goals and efficiency in everyday professional life. Effective writing skills are therefore a must in companies and public life.
  • Regardless of whether short or long writing projects: Text productions are complex, sometimes time-consuming processes that should be planned in advance in a structured manner in order to be able to fulfill the business purpose.
  • The better the planning and the more effective the implementation, the more effective texts are in everyday business life.
  • The texts that you and your employees write are a different kind of business cards of the company.
  • Your texts can trigger reactions and contribute to the company's success.

Academic Writing

Key Competency Academic Writing

Sound knowledge of German is essential for a successful degree. Most Austrian universities require the C1 certificate for the first enrollment. However, the actual requirements for students go far beyond the competencies of this language level, since the basic requirements of the academic language have to be met. As a result, there is a considerable gap, which not infrequently leads to a dropout, as for example among Bachelor students to the extent of 41% (cf. Burkhart et al 2017: 53). This does not only apply to students whose first language is other than German.

Funding for the acquisition of writing skills is rightly recommended, especially since the "Society for Writing Didactics and Writing Promotion" identified the need of students for writing support in the position paper Writing Competence in Studies (2018). “Academic writing”is an amount to close the gap between reality and entitlement. As a science writer who has been working regularly since 2004, I have a routine in writing, and I have recognized how extremely important it is to formulate complex trains of thought in a clear and reader-friendly manner. Demanding writing is a meaningful creative process. If you deal critically with your own writing product, the joy of the finished text is not only your own, but also that of the readership.

It doesn't matter whether you study full-time or part-time: With profound knowledge of academic writing skills, you not only significantly increase the chances of your academic success, but also the effective quality of your writing culture in academic professional life.


Strategies for understanding the scientific language German - focus:

  • Recognize and understand the "everyday scientific language" (Konrad Ehlich 1999)
  • Use useful reading strategies to successfully read specialist texts and scripts effectively

Strategies for the productive application of the scientific language German - focus:

  • Coping with the linguistic requirements, also from the perspective of the German language as a foreign language
  • Systematic planning and control of your writing process
  • Wege zur logischen Struktur und kritischen Reflexion Ihrer Texte
  • Paths to a logical structure and critical reflection of your texts Production of selected popular academic text genres such as excerpts, exposé, abstract etc. and text feedback


You will independently write high-quality texts from your specialist area that meet scientific standards.

Modes and appointments

  • Individual free initial consultation based on your text sample (e.g. bachelor thesis, master thesis, etc. with a maximum of five pages) and coaching from at least three appointments
  • or in the form of a workshop for small groups

To request an appointment:office@sprachkultur-kapsamer.at