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Online Live

Online live

Online live appointments enable you to continue language training in the most flexible form. A wide range of content is available, either in individual settings or in small groups.

German language training for expats in companies or organisations

It is particularly important for international specialists and managers that they can communicate their knowledge in their specialist area in the national language. Intensive training of all language skills leads to the desired goal in a short time. And the newly acquired language skills lead to communicative success, both in the professional environment with colleagues, employees and business partners, as well as in various everyday situations. Even at the basic level (A1 - A2), the focus is on language activities that are particularly important in the company, such as business communication. Furthermore, interesting and motivating topics from cultural life may be subjects for discussion, if desired. As a natural service, the whole course includes both a precise determination of the language level at the beginning and a detailed classification and documentation of the learning progress at the end.

Deutschsprachtraining für Privatpersonen

No matter what language level between A1 and C2 you are currently at: A professional placement with advice on a language certificate, for example, can help you make the right decision and thoroughly train all your skills in individual appointments, if necessary. Or do you want to achieve a complete level, for example B1, B2 or C1? In individual settings, live online appointments enable intensive learning progress. If you do not have to take into account the level, for example because you do not need a German certificate, but still want to expand your German language skills, certain areas of focus are recommended, which must be determined individually. For example, you can particularly deepen and expand your knowledge of grammar, and this in connection with interesting, motivating conversation topics. If you wish, we can also work on your pronunciation and your writing skills.

Pronunciation and communication

Have you already achieved a solid grasp of grammar and communicate regularly with people in Austria in the national language of German? Even though you have mastered a wide range of formal structures and a comprehensive vocabulary, are you sometimes not immediately understood by others? In this case you could either work through what you have learned in an individual setting or, maybe more effective, work on your pronunciation with professional support so that others can understand you better and vice versa.
Although pronunciation is one of the central skills in learning a foreign language, its importance is often underestimated in practice. The close and systematic connection between phenomena of pronunciation and other sub-areas and competencies such as grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension is, however, very clear. So it is obvious not to practice correct pronunciation in isolation, but rather in an activating and dynamic way in combination with other areas with which it is linked, and above all with communicatively motivating issues. Anyone who masters the pronounciation of the German language correctly, has more joy in the language and success in communication, whether in everyday life or at work .

Exam preparation for German language certificates

Depending on the certificate you aim for, the requirements are different. And when it comes to in-depth preparation for your exam, it can only be useful to benefit from an examiner's many years of experience. Because you should know, for example, how the "ÖSD system" works, how the individual parts of the exam work and what you should pay attention to in order to pass the all the parts of the exam not just tightly, but really well. For example, the requirements for a C1 exam are often underestimated, but it is precisely this certificate that is required for most university courses. All or selected parts of a typical exam are practiced in individual appointments or in a small group setting. For your greatest benefit, these appointments also include detailed individual feedback and advice.

German perfection C1 / C2

The German Perfection C1 / C2 course may take place as an online live event, if necessary. The content does not differ from that of the presence appointments. Who is this course for? For successful graduates of a C1 exam, for students or professionals who use the German language competently at a high level in their everyday work and who want to perfect themselves further. We repeat and add essential structures of the “C-level”, because correctness is a must at this learning level. In discussions and presentations you will develop your competence in verbal communication. And from the productive work on specialist texts can always benefit advanced students, regardless of whether the environment is the university or a company. On request, selected contents of the course can be dealt with in an virtual (online live) individual setting.

Writing training and feedback | Correction and editing

In this case, in due time before the individual meetings, you send your individual texts by email, which you have written for various reasons: Either to prepare for an ÖSD exam, any exercise text for correction or a more extensive work such as a master's thesis. Regardless of what type of text and what length it is: In the online live appointments you will receive detailed feedback based on the corrections and answers to your questions. Special inquiries are requested for comprehensive editing of a master’s thesis, as the pricing is related to the scope and quality of the work and the effort includes both formal and stylistic criteria.

Certificate B2

What skills do you have at language level B2?

At level B2 you are able to use the German language independently, recognize some of your own mistakes and also correct them. The focus is on effectively arguing and negotiating in both public and private situations. You have a wide range of grammar structures and vocabulary, including in your own subject area, so that you can communicate on a wide range of topics. Therefore, you can also understand essential content in more complex texts as well as technical discussions in your own professional environment and specialty.


Certificate C1

What skills do you have at language level C1?

At level C1 you are able to use the German language competently. This means that you are not only fluent in everyday communication, but also in a specific subject area. You can use the language successfully in social and professional life as well as in training and studies. You are able to communicate verbally and in writing in a clear, structured and convincing manner in difficult situations. Due to your varied vocabulary and the complex grammatical structures that you have mastered, you can easily understand films, literary texts and specialist articles that do not belong to your own specialist field.

Certificate C2

What skills do you have at language level C2?

At level C2 "Business Language German" you can use the German language so competently that you can effortlessly cope with complex communication in business and professional life. The focus is on the detailed understanding of different, very demanding texts from everyday work or business, on the competent production of formal and factually informative documents that should be demanding and constructive. In the oral area, the focus is not only on convincing arguments and negotiations, but also on effectively presenting detailed information about a product or company. The C2 certificate also serves as proof of your very high general language competence.