German language training for specialists
and executives

German language training for specialists and executives

Are you in a position of responsibility and would like to communicate with your employees, colleagues and customers in German and conduct negotiations with business partners?

The German language, grammar and of course the casual “small talk” in the national language are a must for so-called expat managers in order to be successful. Leadership also includes being understood by employees and business partners.

Even if it is customary in international corporations to communicate in English, the effect of teamwork is much greater if the national official language of the country is spoken, in our case in German.

But which executives or their employees have the time and the possibilities to learn the German language in an external fixed German course ?

So it makes sense to use inhouse an individual German language training or a course for a small group in order to learn the German language in a short time, because the content and progression can be adapted exactly to the needs of the participants. The German language services from Sprachkultur Dr. Kapsamer are also available online live so that you can make use of a flexible and location-independent mode to expand your German language skills.

Advantages for you and your employees:

  • You gain linguistic confidence in everyday communication situations (e.g. business communication, oral and written)
  • You will quickly expand your grammar and vocabulary to the level you are aiming for
  • You have the opportunity to expand not only your general language skills, but also your technical language skills for business and professional life
  • You will make an even greater contribution to the company's success, because texts, whether oral or written, are a company's calling card

German individual training

The course material contains plenty of authentic texts (business sections of newspapers or general topics). You benefit from this in both technical and general language. In the first, free, appointment, your language proficiency will be determined within the levels A1 to C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER) as well as your specific goals and thematic interests.

  • You determine the pace and the time at which you want to reach your next level of learning
  • Your tailor-made course will be designed based on your requirements
  • possible course packages are for example: 10, 20 or 30 units

German language training in small groups

  • You benefit from the resources of the other course participants: multilingualism and different cultural backgrounds are always enriching
  • The decision in favor of a small group is obvious, especially with identical learning goals that are to be achieved in teamwork
  • At the end of the course (e.g. 24 appointments for two units), the learning success achieved by the course participants is documented